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Tom Lewis was one of The Baltimore Four who entered the Customs House in Baltimore October 27, 1967 and poured blood on A-1 draft files. In this picture, a Selective Service attendant looks on as Phil Berrigan pour blood on A-1 draft files.. A second attendant eyes Phil even as she holds Tom Lewis with gentle restraint. Other participants in “The Baltimore Four” were the Reverend James Mengel and David Eberhardt . “The Baltimore Four” was the first of more than 100 draft board actions across the country that spanned the years of 1967 – 1972. The inspiration for the action came from a family in Minnesota long in conflict with our nation's warring. They saved the family fecal matter until they had what they considered an adequate supply. They then took said matter to their local draft board and poured it on the draft records. It has been named “the movement that began a movement!” In their trial in Baltimore , all four participants were convicted. Tom was sentenced to 6 years in prison.
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